Sunday, May 3, 2009

Last Morning By The Sea

The last morning I caught the shuttle to the airport, to catch the flight back home. I got up really early, due to an alarm clock time setting malfunction on my part.

There was no coffee or tea, nothing was open. No car available to zip into town for something before breakfast. So I went for a walk to take some early morning photographs.

I'm an early riser normally, due to the time zone differences this was extremely early in my home time of Central Daylight Time.

This is the view behind the dorm I stayed in.

This is Dorm 225 with the lights still on, and the color from the sunrise shining on the front of it. Only a few people were stirring, so early in the day.

The fort buildings are historic looking and interesting.

There were ships going by, out on the still morning waters.

Later in the day, the sun came up and the sky was clear and sunny. This was the fleeting view of the mountains I saw, as the bus went whizzing down the highway. If I had been in a car I would have pulled over and taken more pictures of them, it was a clear day and they were very visible as I left for home.


Fanciful Expressions said...

Your photos are stunning,Lynn. What a beautiful place!


LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Thanks, Carolyn. It was really lovely, even when raining (which it did a lot of raining) but this particular morning was clear and dry. It reminded me of my views when I used to live on Galveston Bay years ago, a flashback to living beside the water. Have I convinced you to go next year yet, LOL?