Thursday, April 30, 2009

Touring the Grounds and Towers

There was a lot of rain during those few days by the coast, but one afternoon the sky cleared and I grabbed these photos.

Down this path beside the Dorm was land's end.

The sun was even more appreciated when it did come.

There was a brisk wind, and I was glad I took my black hooded caplet coat, to wrap around me.

The waterfront was beautiful, an invitation to walk.

The Pavillion and the Chapel were down the road just a bit, but not too far to walk.

The tower looks like a storybook building.

Seen through the window of the second story of one of the main buildings, it is framed like an irish castle, it doesn't take much imagination to see yourself in a mystical magical place.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Same Class Unique Views

The results of Nina Bagley's book class Journey: Destination were facinating, as each person found a way to tell their own stories.

You've seen the pages of the book I made. I didn't get it finished in class, many others made a couple of pages.

I hope all the books reached completion, telling their personal stories.

The class was large, more than thirty students.

We formed into horseshoe shaped work areas, to bring the class closer in the large airy, bright classroom.

The radiators were working well, it was necessary to open the windows and doors for fresh air.

I love large well lit, high ceilinged spaces like this.

The results were as unique and different as the student.

As different as their beginnings, their own special life stories.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tool Working Times

Everyone has their own set of favorite tools, stored the way they like to use them. This is a photo of the demonstration table that Nina Bagley set up on the first day of Artfest, the book class Journey: Destination.

The things they bring with them to every class, the things they reach for first.

When you're flying into Artfest and can't bring as much as you would if you had your car, with its roomy trunk, there's some deliberation to be done.

What will I need and can't get easily.

What will I use the most.

What can I leave behind, never miss?

It makes me wonder if using the things to hand wouldn't be a good exercise.

To pare down the amount that's needed, and identify the key crucial things that are needed.

They'd be different for each person, of that I'm sure.

Friday, April 24, 2009

On Location Shots

The trees are still bare, and the sunrise is causing the rosy tints on the Dorm building.

The first few days of the event had a lot of rain, even snow. But the last morning was clear and fresh.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Trading Part 2

Artfest trades are a great combination of color, ingenuity and humor.

The little box with the mermaid on the front had seaglass and this special quotation with handmade papers inside. It's a quote that strikes a note, as I've seen it used as a signature line by Nina Bagley. And very meaningful, thought provoking.

Even when folks had a similar idea, like bottlecaps or glass vials full of sand, the creativity made each one unique and different.

If you spot your trade - leave a comment. And thanks for sharing your creativity with me.

They hold a lot of meaning and memories for me of the fund and excitement of Artfest 2009.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


One evening on the way to dinner, I saw deer standing beside the Commons building. In the golden light of the magic hour, they looked like ghosts of the forest.

As though all the creativity and happiness had conjured them up.

They were very tame, didn't seem at all concerned or afraid of so many people walking by.

There were three or four of them, standing in the slanting and fading sun of the daylight, wandering and eating.

I liked the magic of the moment. The Golden Hour light falling on them, casting their shadows across the newly green grass, lighting them like animated statuary.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Opie and Linda Burn Daylight and Cast Stones

I enjoyed all my classes.

The locations were fun, sometimes the light was better in one room than in another. But the buildings were quaint.

Linda and Opie O'Brien gave their "Set in Stone" class in the Chapel. That's Linda walking through the classroom before everything got started.

Lots of good information on patinas and soldering with a small torch to create a bezel.

The ceilings are very high, the building is very open inside. The tables set beside the tall windows helped bring in the natural daylight. Fortunately it wasn't a rainy, overcast day.

Everyone got attention and demonstrations, a lot of great useful information was shared and practiced.

Linda and Opie really know their metalworking, and can share that information, even to novice learners.

Not everyone who comes to Artfest for the first time has a lot of prior experience.

But everyone gains a lot, even those who come with previous creative backgrounds.

Some are more organized, and do a lot of preparation.

I tend to jump right in, and let things go with the flow, especially with a one-day class like these, where you must grab and experience all you can during the time available.

At vendor night I bought one of their two-hole punches, I managed to blunt one side of the Wizard hole punches I brought with me. They have them on their website. I also want to order a nibbler from them for making windows in copper.

And see the little mermaid from a trade with me? This is the lady that made all the lampwork fish for trades. Gorgeous!

Linda and Opie are quite a team, they work together to support their students, and each other, to ensure success for everyone. It was fun to hear them speak during the presentation for all the teachers in the little theater building, they are very funny. And knowledgeable, too.

If you get a chance to take a class with them - grab it!

Here are the photos of my two projects from their blog ...

- and if you follow the link you'll see other students' work there, too.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Trading Part 1

I thought it would be fun to show some photos of the trades and cards I got at Artfest.

I got some cool things from some very talented people.

I met Michelle Geller, she gave me the pretty little sand dollar charm.

And Sue Clark, who made this resin pendant.

There were creative cards and magnets. I put the magnets on the refrigerator, to remind me of all the exciting events from Artfest.

A cool box with seaglass and a quotation card inside.

This great hand stitched charm, isn't it fantastic?