Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tool Working Times

Everyone has their own set of favorite tools, stored the way they like to use them. This is a photo of the demonstration table that Nina Bagley set up on the first day of Artfest, the book class Journey: Destination.

The things they bring with them to every class, the things they reach for first.

When you're flying into Artfest and can't bring as much as you would if you had your car, with its roomy trunk, there's some deliberation to be done.

What will I need and can't get easily.

What will I use the most.

What can I leave behind, never miss?

It makes me wonder if using the things to hand wouldn't be a good exercise.

To pare down the amount that's needed, and identify the key crucial things that are needed.

They'd be different for each person, of that I'm sure.

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