Sunday, May 3, 2009

Last Morning By The Sea

The last morning I caught the shuttle to the airport, to catch the flight back home. I got up really early, due to an alarm clock time setting malfunction on my part.

There was no coffee or tea, nothing was open. No car available to zip into town for something before breakfast. So I went for a walk to take some early morning photographs.

I'm an early riser normally, due to the time zone differences this was extremely early in my home time of Central Daylight Time.

This is the view behind the dorm I stayed in.

This is Dorm 225 with the lights still on, and the color from the sunrise shining on the front of it. Only a few people were stirring, so early in the day.

The fort buildings are historic looking and interesting.

There were ships going by, out on the still morning waters.

Later in the day, the sun came up and the sky was clear and sunny. This was the fleeting view of the mountains I saw, as the bus went whizzing down the highway. If I had been in a car I would have pulled over and taken more pictures of them, it was a clear day and they were very visible as I left for home.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sunsetting Tower

Creating this blog has been my effort to keep the memories and excitement of Artfest and the through-the-looking-glass experience alive.

To give folks who haven't attended before, as I had not, an idea of the picture-postcard experience of what it's like to be there, and maybe give them that little push to attend the next one.

To meet in person, possibly take a class in person, from someone they have admired, to learn from them and get to know them slightly, and at vendor's night to make their book or an example of their artwork part of a personal library or art collection.

Do you have memories of Artfest 2009 to share?

Friday, May 1, 2009

deMeng and Tell

On the last night, everyone who wants to do it, brings their class results and puts them out for Show-And-Tell. That's my roommate Stacie on the right, heading through the doors to see everyone's displayed art feast.

This photo is of my roommate, Stacie, with her instructor for the "What A Relief" class she took, that's Michael deMeng on the right next to her.

Many of Michael deMeng's students had their work visible in Show-And-Tell, for the Relief class and also one named "Demented Toys" - the results were both humerous and thoughtful.

Where did this current of dark, ironic imagery spring from? Pondering ...

No amount of pondering would cover everything that came from those classes, but one outstanding effort was this theatre box with dancing skeletons. (**Update: I've been told since that this came out of the Paper Theater class and not deMeng, I guess I was seeing deMeng inspiration everywhere that day)

Self-lit from the inside, it had an eerie but facinating glow to it.

The photos are not perfect, I apologize for the grainy pictures. But it adds even another element to the visuals, so I hope you can see the fantastic details. If this is your work of art and you've found this blog post, I hope you'll leave a comment! And if you've seen better photos of this piece somewhere please let me know ... (**Update: I've been told since that this came out of the Paper Theater class and not deMeng, I guess I was seeing deMeng inspiration everywhere that day)

This is a piece from the "What a Relief" class, I really like the colors, the use of texture and the imagery.

In this room the natural light was a little better, so I was able to get better photos. The colors and wood textures were beautiful. The assemblage made very good use of the original pieces that were collected. The parts from a musical instrument, the worn wooden texture and colors.

This last one is from Michael deMeng's "Matchboxes" class.

My hubby loaned me his digital camera to use. When I got back he asked me why the photos were so dark. I told him I didn't take the flash with me. That's when I found out that the flash was built in. But turned off. All I had to do was turn it on.

If you've ever used a camera you're unfamiliar with, you'll understand why I was reluctant to change the settings. What if I couldn't get them back again?

So I apologize for the "atmospheric" photos of Show-And-Tell, it was after 7:00 pm and the dusk was falling. Use your imagination and think of it as an after-hours tour of a secret art collection!